Digital marketing for dentists ; seo, social media, pay-per-click and website design

Does your dental practice or dentistry business find itself struggling for clients despite boasting the best equipment, dentists, and value for money? If so, it’s likely that your problems can be attributed to poor marketing strategies- and we can help provide solutions to fix it. 

Advantages of Digital Marketing For Dentists

here are five of the most significant:

  • It’s cheaper, meaning better value for money.
  • Targeted marketing can be used to reach specific demographics.
  • Cookies and AI ensure that interested users and shown further advertising.
  • It’s easy to remove or change ideas that aren’t working.
  • The analysis gives you quantifiable results

Digital marketing is better. Whether used instead of traditional methods or alongside them, incorporating the right streams into your approach is vital.

Below are the steps we take to help improve our dentists, dental clinic clients, through the new age of marketing.

SEO For Dentist Marketing 

The design of your website and supporting SEO (search engine optimization) should be the first items on the marketing agenda. Always.

SEO is a term that describes how well your site performs on Google search engine and other search engines. Appearing on the first page of the engine search will give your business a serious boost because over 90% of users only click websites on the first page. 

Meanwhile, studies show that most users associate a strong SEO presence with reliable and trustworthy service – not least because the Google algorithm is more advanced than ever before.

Search engines will provide most of your organic traffic, which is why getting it right is vital. As a dentistry business, you must look to perform well on searches based on dental terms as well as the geographic location of your services.

While SEO is influenced by many of the elements also mentioned below, here are the key factors to consider when building your SEO for the dentist’s strategy.

  • Quality content
  • On-site keywords
  • Image keywords
  • Meta titles and descriptions
  • Backlinks
  • Voice search-friendly terms
  • Mobile-friendly search terms
  • Social media integration

Get all of these items under your control, and you won’t go far wrong. However, given the continual evolution of SEO, this is one area of marketing for dentists where expert support may be required.

PPC For Dentist Marketing 

PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising is a particularly popular option for dentists and other businesses alike. They can be created using images, text, or a combination of both to display a message about the company itself or a specific service, such as teeth whitening.

Once PPC campaigns are live, the adverts will be shown in prominent positions whenever users are browsing the internet. These are the ads that appear on the top or side of your page. As a business, you can stipulate which demographic the ads are shown to. As a dentist, this means setting geographical parameters.

The great thing about PPC ads is that you only pay once a user clicks the ad. So, even if it takes 20 impressions of the advert to secure their interest, you’ll only be charged once.

Dentistry Social Media Marketing 

For dentists in both big and small cities, advertising is a bread and butter tactic to gain new customers. However, how much of this time and effort are you spending on social media? If you need more convincing, Facebook ad revenue is expected to outpace print ads by 2021. 

The more digitally focused the world becomes, the larger amount of companies from the healthcare industry realize that Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram aren’t just channels for sharing cat pictures. They’re a place where businesses discover new clients, interact with prospects, and build a better brand name. Here are just some of the ways social media benefits dentists:

  • Better Established Relationship

Fortunately, social provides you the chance to create relationships with your audience through customer testimonials, client experiences, friendly office images, and most importantly, the results of your work. For instance, when it comes to relationship building, responding to a question through social media about dental care demonstrates your effort of care and knowledge. You want to show you’re there to help. Tweets, Facebook shares, and liking patients’ Instagram posts show support on a friendlier level.

  • Attract New Clients 

People take their healthcare decisions very seriously–and a lot of folks turn to Google for help. More than half of people use search engines to find a dentist. However, another survey discovered 15% of people said their No. 1 reason for not booking a dentist appointment was due to trouble finding an office.

  • Showcase Your Leadership

Finally, the viral nature of social media means it’s easy to spread information about your practice far and wide. By writing articles, posting videos, and sharing information that demonstrates your expertise, you can begin to show off thought leadership. For example, Imperial Dental uses social media to build trust through showcasing experience and professionalism by sharing industry content.

To put your dental practices on top the map ” New Age World Map” 

Takes a little effort and time-consuming. Our team guides your marketing strategy day and night, while you can focus on producing smiles. 

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