Digital marketing for eye practitioners ; seo, social media, pay-per-click and website design

In today’s modern world there’s no denying the rising trend of digital and its prevalence in everyday life. We keep updated with the world via digital: reading the news, contacting friends, shopping; the list is endless. In fact, a lot of you are probably reading this article (a piece of digital media) which you found through email or social media (digital channels) on your smartphone or computer (digital devices). 

So, the question is: how important is digital to an eye care practitioner? The answer is very! 

In general, people are already present and active participants on digital media channels. Therefore, making it easier for businesses to engage in conversations and generate leads in these digital spaces. 

The opportunities that digital will open up to your practice are endless. But first of all, let’s clarify what we mean by digital marketing, and how we help your practices reach the highest potential. 

SEO For Eye Care Practitioners 

You may have already heard of search engine optimization or SEO, but if you’re not yet using it to reach new patients, it’s time to start.

If your site isn’t optimized for search engines, you’re missing out on the benefits of traffic from search engines. That means people in your community who are searching for an eye care center likely aren’t finding you. 

Optimizing your website for search engines allows users who don’t know who you are but are looking for someone that offers eye care services to find you. The days of looking up a doctor in the phonebook are in the past. Today your potential patients are looking for you online, so you need to make sure you are well represented online.

Pay-per-click For Eye Care Practitioners

Many eye care centers have found that Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising on the major search engines (Google, Bing & Yahoo) is a very effective way of generating leads and new clients. Getting your PPC campaign to be highly optimized, relevant, focused, and results-oriented will give you a far higher Return On Investment on your PPC dollar spend. 

PPC for eye care centers utilizes different keywords which can save you a lot of money. Research and selection of relevant keywords are crucial, especially considering how expensive some eye care keywords can be. Our experience has shown that using long-tail keywords (phrases with three or more words) can be very effective, as is building up a list of negative keywords so that your ads are not shown to the wrong audience.

Google AdWords has various means of geographic targeting, including targeting by city and shape. It’s crucial to get this right and to identify your business as local. This can be done by incorporating your city or neighborhood name within your ads, as well as having a local phone number

When potential customers click on your PPC ad, they should be directed to a highly specific and relevant Landing Page that provides information about the services you offer, for example, Eye Exams; Eye Glasses; Contact Lenses; Pediatric Optometrists; etc.

Your landing pages should also have a Call To Action that is clear, easy, and measurable. If your business has different areas of expertise, then your PPC campaign needs to be broken up into specific areas (different ad groups connected to specific landing pages). As a result, each campaign and area of expertise should have its own dedicated landing page. This will ensure that your ads are relevant and your visitors are provided with only the information they seek.

Social Media For Eye Care Practitioners 

Engage with your patients on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Share pictures of new collections, promote specials, or talk about any seasonal discounts. Share fun facts with patients about eyes and vision they might not know, and educate them on the importance of contact lens care, annual eye exams, wearing sunglasses, a healthy diet, and so on.

If you’re using social media as an eye care center marketing tactic, make sure you’re actually being social! It won’t do your eye care practice any good if your pages aren’t being managed and updated regularly. Also, remember to respond to any questions or comments that are posted on your pages in a timely manner.

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