Digital marketing for orthopedic surgeons ; seo, social media, pay-per-click and website design

An aging population and technological advances are two of the unchanging factors contributing to the orthopedic industry’s growth over the past few years. 

And Today, orthopedic services are highly sought after by elderly patients, athletes, and those suffering from musculoskeletal conditions.

Orthopedic doctors face a few challenges when promoting their services to the public. While highly effective, orthopedic services are costly and can be difficult to maintain. In addition, orthopedic clinics have used referrals as their main source of clients. While a marketing campaign for orthopedic services is ideal, however, this is not always in place for every orthopedic business. 

Here are some ways we can help your orthopedic practice grow online. 

SEO For Orthopedic Surgeons 

Search engine optimization is the most important Internet marketing strategy for any practice. That’s because it increases your online visibility by improving your rankings in search engine results for searches related to your services.

The first page of Google results earns 91.5% of website traffic, and any page after the third earns less than 1%. So if you want your orthopedic practice to be found online, it’s important that your website is on the first page of search results.

One of the biggest aspects of SEO is optimizing your content to use keywords that are most important to your industry. For example, it’s a good idea to add keywords like “ruptured disk,” “rheumatoid arthritis,” or “torn ligament,” if these are issues you commonly treat. 

When potential patients search those keywords, they’ll be able to find your site and learn about your practice. 

Pay-Per-Click For Orthopedic Surgeons

Pay-Per-Click is an advertising model that allows you to promote your orthopedic practice on search engines like Google and Bing. You can place ads in search results for specific keywords and phrases (like “orthopedic doctor [your city]”), which allows you to reach users who are actively searching for your services. 

PPC ads work on a bidding system in which you choose how much you’ll pay your advertising platform every time an ad is clicked. The biggest benefit of working with PPC ads is that you only pay when someone clicks on the ad (and visits your site), meaning you’ll never pay to show your ad to users who aren’t interested in learning about your practice.

Social Media For Orthopedic Surgeons

A Social Media presence is very important to a successful Internet marketing strategy for your orthopedic practice. And basically another business. 

Because Social media allows you to connect with current and potential patients, and it also gives you a chance to provide valuable tips, and a look at your practice’s office and staff.

Through this, you build a community, And just like any community, it gives a sense of social unity or identity. 

Facebook and Instagram are both great channels for sharing photos of your practice to give potential patients a closer look at who they are committing to.

You can also provide helpful information and tips on social media that are easy for friends and followers to share with their connections.

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