Digital marketing tips for doctors; seo, social media, pay-per-click and website design

The globalization process has had a significant impact on many occupations over time. The new rules of the changing world requires individuals to be suitable for change while carrying out their professions. Today, most of the occupation fields that vary from trading to education benefits from the advantages and conveniences of digital marketing; and even the actors of medical practice has started to facilitate their process of reaching out to their patients and the whole process of the treatment itself. It might seem strange, or even peculiar at the beginning that the idea of doctors and other medical professionals using the internet to reach out to their community, yet it turns out to be a successful way of establishing a network of patient and doctor relations.

The traditional process of reaching out to the target community has been conducted with the usage of some printed materials such as newspaper commercials or billboards, but the exponential spread of the Internet usage throughout the years has made this reaching out process easier and more innovative than before. Nowadays, people tend to search the Internet for their symptoms online before consulting a medical professional. With more and more people getting well informed about their symptoms and diseases, the emergence of a more informed and niche community of patients is on the horizon. So, medical professionals are looking for some new ways to improve and innovate the process of their patients’ –customers, in another way- decision making. To do so, they can benefit from the blessings of digital marketing in numerous ways. If you are also a medical professional that is looking for an opportunity to do such, here are 6 digital marketing tips for doctors that you can use to promote your profession and reach out to new patients.

Tip #1: Making Your Website More “Search-Friendly”

Throughout the countless pages of the Internet, you might have encountered a term of Search Engine Optimization (SEO in short), that is briefly the main process/tool of making your website more visible in online searches via the usage of certain keywords or phrases. SEO includes various methods that can help website owners promote their profession online. With the help of many SEO tutorials or professionals online, one can study and master this profession to maximize the number of customers online that they can reach through online searches.

Tip #2: Better Usage of Social Media

The potential that social media holds is just too good to miss when it comes to enlargening your network of customers online. It has been proven that the more elaborate usage of social media helps employers promote their work and get a better image of their self. In the age of technology and innovation, people use social media for almost all aspects of their daily life. Millions of users look out for many different things online, and most of the users tend to become “naturals” of websites which they find useful or entertaining. While the content creation is a whole another thing, you can always find professionals that can work with you on your websites or social media accounts.

Being active and posting frequently is a must while promoting your work through social media, yet you can also make it more engaging with customers by having some online meetings or Q&A (Question and Answer) applications online. There are countless different methods that you can use on the social media to get a broader network and make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Tip #3: Keeping Your Content Short and Engaging

It is almost a fact that people have problems maintaining their focus on many things online. While keeping your social media pages and websites active, keeping them engaging should be your main focus because keeping your community interested is equally important as having them at your side for the first time. So, it is crucial to keep your content short while making them useful and informing for your audience. Giving small health tips, daily reminders or making some giveaways can have a big impact on your way of establishing a larger network.

Tip #4: Making your Website Mobile-Friendly

What is more frustrating than a website that looks complex or corrupted while browsing online? With the ever-growing rate of mobile phone usage, many users online use their phones to search for things, which results with the need of mobile friendly views of websites. While making your website mobile friendly helps you get a more professional and convenient look online, making some innovative additions to mobile browsing will result with happier and more grateful patients.

Tip #5: Using Google’s Pay-Per Click Advertisement System

Google’s Pay-Per-Click Ads can have a significant effect on your digital marketing process. This advertisement system simply lets you display your ads to those who have used specific keywords of phrases on their online searches that you have specified before.

Tip #6: Having a Local SEO on Google Maps

Many people look for comments and reviews on Google Maps while browsing online. Having yourself a well informed and organized local SEO page online can help your network grow. Uploading photos of high quality and reflecting your profession properly may result with an expanding rate of preference among other medical professionals.


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