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Search engine optimization procedures are to ensure that web pages rank at the top of search engine results in specific keywords. These procedures are carried out by SEO specialists who take into account the algorithms of search engines. Do not forget that your competitors follow SEO procedures as well while you carry out the same procedures on your website!

The main purpose in SEO procedures is to rank higher. However, it is also necessary to have a spot at the top and be permanent there. In other words, when you achieve your goals with a SEO procedure, these procedures do not end. The real work begins at this point so that you can stay where you are. Because these works are easier when coming up from the bottom. You always have to make more effort to keep your site on top. Permanent SEO works are also involved in this process.

What is Permanent SEO?

Permanent SEO are the procedures that prevent you from losing your rankings after the moves you have made for the keywords you have determined. In addition, you can catch the desired ranking in the keywords you have just set via permanent SEO methods. These works will enable both to maintain the existing success and to achieve new successes.

SEO procedures are processes that can be done professionally or individually (to some extent). However, permanent SEO procedures make the process even more difficult. Successful websites focus on maintaining their success. Permanent optimization work is done using white hat SEO methods.

Permanent SEO efforts are carried out on certain foundations. It is an endeavor to make the t optimization process for your website permanent.

What are the Basics of Permanent SEO Work?

There are some responsibilities that you must fulfill while implementing permanent SEO procedures. Unless you pay attention to these situations, it is not possible to maintain your success in your works. Permanent SEO basics:

  • Google Webmaster Blog

Experiences are important in the world of Google. SEO experts should constantly review the Google webmaster blog posts for their work. Because Google actually tells us directly or indirectly what we should do in many cases. You need to internalize the developments on the webmaster blog immediately and integrate it into your website.

  • Google Twitter Account Tracking

Google Twitter account is an important tool for a SEO specialist. Google constantly makes algorithm changes. They first announce these changes through its Twitter account. They also share a certain amount of  tips on this account. When you follow this account, you can be immediately informed about the changes. Thereby, you can protect your ranking by applying new rules to your web pages before your competitors.

  • List Contents

List contents have a special place in permanent SEO practices. Because the users show interest mostly  in the list type of contents. However, the list contents should be written only under appropriate titles. Another advantage of the lists is that they are open to improvement. That is, you can easily add new information later on. In order for the content on your website to remain at the top, you should make use of the list contents.

  • Tracking Your Competitors

I have mentioned at the beginning of the article that your competitors are also constantly doing SEO work. That is why an opponent can get in front of you in ranking at any time. You should follow up your competitors regularly as you follow up your own work. You can protect your ranking if you give the necessary responses against the moves made by your competitors. You can also implement an immediate action plan for the values ​​your competitors are approaching you and prevent them from passing in front of you.

  • Improving Existing Content

One of the biggest mistakes made in SEO procedures is to constantly add new content. However, websites should also update their existing content. Because search engines love updated and extended content as much as the newly added content. After your content reaches a certain value, you can easily make new additions and increase the success of that content with new keywords. In other words, content improvement is a process that affects the entire base of permanent SEO procedures.

  • Showing Reference

One of the foundations of permanent SEO efforts is including references in your content. Do not be afraid to include the websites you used in the content you created. Share the links you benefit from in your content. In this way ,you can become more permanent in your work.

  • Compliance with Ranking Criteria

Search engines make their ranking according to certain rules. If you implement your SEO procedures accordingly by knowing the ranking criteria of the search engines, you can be permanent in the ranking you reached. You should look out for the ranking criteria in all your articles.

  • Up-to-date Content 

All search engines, especially Google, want to keep up to date websites at the top rankings. That’s why you should regularly share content on your website. When you make a plan and share your posts according to this plan, you can stay at the top rankings of the search engines.

  • Correct and Current Information 

It is important that the information is correct in permanent SEO efforts. Users spend more time in articles with high information intensity or visit the page later once more. Search engines also highlight accurate and full density content. In addition, you can always meet users by sharing content on current and popular  topics.

  • Social Media Sharing

If you want your web pages to be permanent, take steps to enable your visitors to share your content on their own social media accounts. As your presence on social media prolongs, you can reach more people and maintain your place at the top rankings.

Can Permanent SEO Service Be A One-Time Thing?

Permanent SEO service is not a one-off study. Permanent SEO works are continuous procedures. Because;

  • Google and other search engines are constantly changing algorithms. You should apply the algorithm changes to your web pages right away.
  • Your competitors will not be idle. Since your competitors are doing SEO works, you should not let them pass in front of you in ranking.
  • Search engines keep up to date websites up front.
  • Information has a dynamic structure. Since the information is constantly changing, you should also update your website regularly.
  • Problems may occur in the sites where you do external works such as backlinks that you take on your website.
  • If you do not fix the errors on your website regularly, you can fall into spam.

Last Words

SEO work is done to get to the top rankings in search engines. Experts who work on optimization for websites want to achieve success and maintain it.

Permanent SEO procedures are steps that will both keep you ranked high on certain keywords and come up on new keywords.  SEO experts should make the necessary moves to maintain success at the end of their work.

In order to maintain success in SEO efforts, you must be up-to-date, follow your competitors closely, follow the algorithm changes, and pay attention to your content.

It is also a wrong attitude to think that permanent SEO works as a one-off. SEO work is always a process that should continue. Remember, the main thing is not to reach the top, but to be able to protect your place when you reach the top rankings.

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