A SEO firm provides various services for your website to get higher in rank than other websites in search engines when people search for a subject related to your website. The more digital marketing and e-commerce get popular, the services provided by SEO companies becomes both more important and widespread. Doing good SEO work on your website resembles opening a big shop on a very busy street. Many more people visit your website and so many people will be aware of your products or services.

What is an SEO Firm?

A SEO firm is the name given to companies that perform SEO analysis of your website and use the information they have obtained through these analyzes to get you to top rankings in search engines.It is possible to divide SEO studies into two categories.

Analysis and optimization. As you know, search engines, when a word or phrase is searched, put the website that should be more useful to the person. Then it ranks the other websites according to its relevance. What allow the search engines to do the ranking are the constantly developing and changing algorithms.

These algorithms operate according to a certain logic. Although search engines never share this logic, some rules can be determined thanks to analysis. Therefore, during SEO studies, both your website and your competitors’ websites are analyzed and a special SEO strategy is created for your needs.

What Does a SEO Company Do?

SEO works function as a whole for websites. However, the optimization studies applied to the website can be gathered under two headings: on-site and off-site SEO. These studies are carried out connected to one another.

On-Site SEO Studies

The work done on your site itself is called on-site SEO. These works ensure that your website is compatible with search engines. Let’s talk about the on-site SEO work for your website;

SEO Fiendly URL: The first 5 words in the URL structure of your site are important for Google. So your keywords should be in this phrase. Also, your URL should be given as short as possible. You should include only the words that you focus on in the URL.

Page Title: One of the most important details of on-site SEO works is the title. It would be a good idea to use the keywords at the top of the page as much as possible. It would also be appropriate to use the H1 tag in the page title. This can be done in many WordPress-based themes. However, there should be only one H1 title per page.

Visual and Video Optimization: Using components such as images, videos, sound recordings within your content will increase your user interaction. It is also important to name your images. These names be related to your keywords because search engines will read your picture as well. Also, avoid using images larger than the specified size.

Keywords: The use of keywords is very important for SEO studies. Therefore, you must include the word you are targeting in the first 100 words of your content. You should also include your keyword and its synonyms in the subtitles. The entire keyword ratio should have a maximum of 2-3 percent.

Mobile Compatible Websites: 2015 is accepted as a milestone for mobile compatible websites. Google has started to feature mobile compatible websites more in the search results. Therefore, it would be convenient to use a mobile friendly theme for your website.

Internal and External Links: One of the most important elements of on-site SEO is the internal links among the posts on your site. Through these links, visitors will spend more time on your website and visit your other pages. Putting external backlinks in your articles is also in the field of on-site SEO. If you give backlinks to a quality site that is relevant to your content, search engine bots will see your site as a quality information center as well. Visitors will also log in to your site again. It would be better to see this situation as having strong references.

Site Speed: Official announcements made by Google indicated that the site speed is a direct ranking criterion. The opening speed of your website should be less than 3 seconds. To speed up the opening of your site, you can check out details such as theme usage, content and image size. If your site speed is slow, visitors will leave in a shorter period of time.

Semantic Content: The term known as semantic is including the words on your website that are synonymous with your keyword or related words that have high search. If you google your keyword, the words that will be semantic are already presented to you at the bottom.

Social Sharing Buttons: Even though the social sharing buttons do not directly belong to on-site SEO studies, the companies that do this can get a natural backlink and increase their traffic.

Long and Quality Content: Content is a very important title in on-site SEO works. When your content is long, search engines tend to rank your site first. Because in longer content, it is easier to use more keywords. However, these long contents must be of high quality. Google measures quality of the content with details such as visiting the site again, bookmarking, session duration, bounce rate, or direct traffic. That’s why quality content is essential for you to increase the session time of the visitors.

Comment Interaction: If there are users active on your website, search engines will notice these users and move your site higher in ranking. If you respond to your visitors and interact via comments, you can make your website attract the attention of bots.

Off Site SEO Studies


Off-site SEO works come up with all kinds of advice and links for your website using external resources. You can attract visitors and reach top rankings in search engines by using many resources outside of your website. Offsite SEO works include:

Backlink: Backlink is to provide external links to your website. But the biggest SEO mistake is getting too many backlinks. The most useful and important strategy would be getting quality links from quality sites. That is why, it would be better to give backlinks to websites that are updated regularly, have frequent visitors and are seen as quality in search engines for the benefit of SEO.

Text Link: Text links are the most common among link works. Your target words come forward easily when determining the title. It is the most efficient method of SEO works if you are doing SEO work based on words. It is recommended that you put up to three links in an article. If you do a lot of outlinks, you can fall into spam.

White Papers: Every white paper you use should be viewed as a text ad. In these articles, you promote your services, products and your website. It would be better if the promotional articles are taken from the sites that provide services in the same sector or are connected with your sector. Personal blogs and news sites with news records will increase your traffic.

Blog Promotions: You can add articles about your industry by opening your own blog pages on blog sites. You can easily provide traffic to your website by adding links to these blog posts. You can use sites such as Blogspot or Tumblr in this regard.

Forum Promotions: Forum sites are the easiest way to introduce your products or services to your intended audience. You can provide more visitors with promotional articles and site links in quality forums where your target audience spends time on.

Dictionary Promotions: Dictionaries are also places where internet users spend a lot of time on. You can directly attract visitors by promoting in those quality dictionaries.

Video Studies: You can add videos about your industry by creating your own channel on video sites such as Youtube, Dailymotion and Vimeo. Here, you can make your off-site SEO work by attracting visitors and by placing site links in the promotion sections.

Q&A Sites: Question-answer sites are areas that have started to become widespread in every country. If you answer the questions about your industry and interact with users from here, you can guide your visitors to your website by giving your site link.

Social Media: Posts on social media accounts are indexed. So, these posts are similar to white papers.The first line of the post is indexed as the title and the rest is indexed as description. If you are actively using social media accounts, you can attract traffic to your site. Search engines record visitors’ internet histories as cookies. Thus, these cookies affect the rankings of your website. The sites in the users’ cookies are shown at the top of the list so that they can be accessed more easily.

Image Links:  This strategy will give you the fastest efficiency compared to other offsite SEO works. In this strategy, also known as the banner link, the quality, authority and number of visitors of the site you will receive services from are important. If you use the title in the link added to the images, you can attract your target audience. You also need to add your keyword to the target link.

Search engine optimization for websites run by SEO agencies are generally like this. However, all these strategies are interconnected. Do not start off-site SEO works before completing technical issues and on-site SEO works. If your work is systematic and organized, you can get better results.

Choosing Between SEO Companies

While choosing the company that will manage your SEO processes, you should evaluate the companies that are experienced in analysis, design and content production. The general misconception in the content writing section is the false perception that SEO compliance is sufficient.

Remember, algorithms launch sites that will benefit the users. Therefore, in addition to being SEO compliant, the content should be readable and contain useful information for users.

When choosing a company for your SEO works, it will be appropriate to ask the company’s approach in this regard and to examine their previous practices. Choosing an SEO firm is an important decision, and before making your choice, it is best to review the previous work of the company and see how it makes a difference in terms of numbers.

How Do You Know When an SEO Firm Is Successful?

The main purpose of SEO practices is that websites attract traffic and rank high in search engines. You need concrete data to understand that the SEO company is successful. Many companies present the results as a report for you.

There are many ways to find out that the practices are successful when you work with an SEO company:

  • A successful SEO firm should first analyze your website correctly. Many companies provide you free analysis services. In the evaluations, a report of your site is taken out in terms of SEO. You can reveal the quality of the firm by examining the results of their analysis.
  • SEO companies should also know your industry well. It is a good idea to hold a meeting about your industry to identify a successful company. The company’s ideas about your industry will give you an idea of ​​their success.
  • SEO firms determine your competitors. The companies that correctly determine your competitors and make the correct analysis of your competitors are successful. SEO experts know your competitors’ status in search engines, in which words they rank well, and their brand image on the internet.
  • Your SEO firm should prepare a strategy plan for you. A quality action plan that you believe will take you forward shows that the company you are working with is professional.
  • One of the works that the SEO agency should do is keyword analysis. If the company that determines the most correct keywords is successful, you will be able to get effective results over time.
  • References are also important when evaluating the success of the SEO company. Therefore, we recommend that you also review the firm’s references.
  • Successful SEO agencies support you with a professional team that also cares about on-site SEO work.

Questions To Ask When Choosing An SEO Firm

There are some questions you need to ask when choosing a SEO firm. When you get the answers to these questions, you may have established a partnership that will be useful both for your website and your company. The questions you should ask when choosing an SEO firm are as follows:

  • “To what extent are the SEO practices done on the site?” You must definitely ask the question. Because some companies attach importance only to off-site SEO practices. However, since the SEO process progresses as a whole, professional agencies also carry out on-site optimization studies for your company.
  • “Will a private blog network be created for my website?” The question is also an important criterion in choosing an agency. Because, while doing backlink practices, if the link network is established, the efficiency of the practices will increase.
  • “Do SEO experts follow innovations and developments?” A SEO specialist must definitely follow the dynamically changing search engine algorithms. Old ways of working do not benefit your website in the long run.
  • “Are there any items in the contract that will protect me?” The question is an important detail, albeit small, when negotiating with a SEO agency. Because anyone can give you promises. However, few companies offer guarantees in response to these promises.
  • “Are the backlinks used being followed up later?” The question is a fine point that reveals the quality of their practices. Only if the backlinks given are followed up regularly, it can still be valid. This way, the negativities you will experience in SEO practices are prevented.
  • “Are anti SEO works regularly monitored?” You should also give importance to the question. Anti SEO practices lead to a decrease in the ranking of your website or to punishment by search engines. People who do these practices want to harm your website. Necessary interventions should be made to correct negative situations by following these practices.
  • “Do they report regularly? “The question is one of the basic points of SEO practices. SEO practices are processes that can be measured. For this reason, the company you work with should measure the practices regularly with analysis tools and present them to you periodically in a way that you can understand the analyses. In these reports, the difference that occurs before and after the practices should be clearly stated.


What is a SEO Firm?

SEO practices are the process of creating a website according to certain criteria of search engines. In order for your website to rank higher than its competitors in certain keywords in search engines like Google and Yandex, it must be SEO compatible. SEO firms are companies you consult to make all the contents of your website compatible with SEO. These companies support you with the contents of your website as well as internal SEO and external SEO practices. They also report to you periodically.

Why Should I Work With a SEO Firm?

The competition on the internet is getting hotter day by day. So you have to be dynamic all the time to stay ahead of your competitors. You should work with the SEO company to bring your website to better places, reach your target audience online, stay ahead of your competitors and develop your marketing strategies over the internet. In addition, a SEO firm offers you reports that evaluate the process on different components.

How to Choose the Best SEO Firm?

When choosing the best SEO firm, you must first examine previous works of the company. References are the details that will give you the most concrete results. So, when choosing the best SEO company for your website, examine the work they have done and evaluate their success. In addition to this, the best SEO companies are companies that understand your requests and keep you informed about the processes by reporting regularly.

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