Social media consultancy is the process of acquiring professional services in the management of social media platforms. Particularly Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, nowadays the use of social media has increased especially here in Turkey where it is more than half of the population. As such, professional assistance has become a compulsory service tool.

Social media consultancy, in its simplest form, enables a brand or company to reach their target audiences and use their corporate communication most effectively with strategic digital marketing methods determined by the brand. Today, even customer complaints are made through social media, the power and potential of social media has reached its zenith. As such, with this potential, customer interaction between the brand or firm can be very efficient but it can also turn into a negative situation in the opposite direction. Determining in which direction it will go, is only possible with professional social media consultancy.

Why it is necessary to acquire Social Media Consultancy?

Social media consulting is the service you acquire for your company’s social media accounts. Social media consultancy covers many details such as competitor analysis, content management, target audience analysis, dialogue management, advertising, crisis management, creating brand loyalty, and increasing brand awareness. I hope I will give you valid reasons to acquire social media consultancy services; 

Social Media Prevalence: Social media is becoming more common every day. Companies that lack a social media presence cannot outdo their competitors. You should seek support to manage your social media accounts professionally.

Identifying the Target Audience: In social media, every company addresses a certain target audience. If you do not identify your target audience, you will not be able to create content that will help you reach your desired targets. The social media consultant analyzes your target audience based on various types of demographic data such as age, gender, and socio-economic status. Thus, your content will be created in a way that it will directly attract the attention of your target audience.

Effective Advertising: Effective advertising can be achieved at very affordable prices on social media. To increase the sales of your products and services, you should get advertisement support on your social media campaigns.

Customer Reachability: About half of the world’s population uses social media. There are over 35 million users in our country. Thanks to social media consultancy, you can take steps that will allow you to easily reach consumers.

Increasing Brand Awareness: Companies must become a known brand in their sector in order to market their products and services. With the service provided by the social media consultant, you can increase your income by increasing your brand awareness.

Creating Brand Loyalty: Thanks to the social media consultancy service, you are able to get feedback from your consumers. One of the most important benefits of the feedback you get is that you can take the necessary steps to create brand loyalty. By responding to the feedback you give your customers an opportunity to refer back to you.

Strong Communication Experience: Brand users prefer to communicate with companies and solve their problems on social media. That’s why your language of approach to your customers is very important. Thanks to social media consultancy, you can establish strong communication with your customers.

Returns Analysis: Your social media consultant analyzes the returns from your investments. You can learn the efficiency of your social media presence by measuring how many customers you are attracting on which social media platform, the impact it has on your sales and many more.

Turning a Crisis into an Opportunity: The agenda can change very quickly in social media. You can lose a lot of prestige in an instant when you are a big brand. You will need to respond immediately during a crisis. Your social media consultant intervenes immediately during the crisis and determines the moves you need to make to gain from the crisis.

Generating the Right Content: Each social media channel has a different structure. Your social media consultant will also support you in content generation. All of the content generated within the scope of this service is generated according to the structure of the social media platform.

Questions to Ask Before Getting Social Media Consultancy

There are questions you need to ask before getting social media advice. If you ask these questions, you will understand better what kind of service you need and why this service is required. Here are some of the questions you should ask before getting social media consultancy;

  • On which social media platforms are my competitors active?
  • What activities are my competitors doing?
  • What can my industry do on social media?
  • How well is my brand known to the social media user?
  • What does my target audience expect from me?
  • How should I create my content?
  • How do I understand the content that will benefit me?
  • How do I support my SEO work on social media?
  • What can be done to create brand loyalty?
  • Is brand awareness important?
  • How to intervene during a crisis?
  • How much does a crisis I experience affect me?
  • How much budget should I allocate to social media ads?
  • Are social media ads effective?

How are Social Media Consultancy Prices Determined?

Social media consultancy prices are determined according to certain dynamics. Companies wishing to get this service need to allocate a certain budget for their social media activities. You can pay periodic fees to your consultant for your company to receive this service. Social media consulting fees are determined primarily by an analysis. It would be very wrong to give you a price without a review. Because every project should be viewed as an exclusive one. I will list the factors affecting social media consulting prices;

Scope of the service: There are multiple services that you can get through social media platforms. Therefore, it is first necessary to determine how many services you will get all together.

Social Media Platform: There are various social media platforms. Therefore, the number of social media platforms you want to acquire the services for is also important. As the number of your accounts increase, the price will also increase.

Quality of the Service: The quality of the social media consultancy service also affects the price. Some projects require a very detailed plan. However, some projects require much simpler interventions.

Consultancy Period: That consultation time required for your social media accounts is also important. Users receive at least 3 to 6 months of consultancy services on social media platforms. As the duration gets longer, the price will decrease in total.

Language: You can also address people in other countries through your social media accounts. Therefore, you should get a price depending on the number of languages you plan to receive services for on your social media accounts. The more foreign languages you acquire services for, the more the costs will increase.

Competitor Analysis: Your competitors also work on social media. Therefore, the social media consultant examines your competitors and develops a strategy that you will use to move past them. If your competitors are strong, the price can be more costly.

Target Difficulty: You get consultancy services by setting certain targets on your social media accounts. If the targets on your social media accounts are challenging, consultation fees will automatically become costly.

Content-Type: Content-type is also important when generating content for your social media accounts. Since some content is text only, it is cost-effective. However, as multimedia components such as visuals and videos enter, content generation on social media may become more costly.

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