viral video nedir, nasıl yayınlanır, özellikleri nelerdir

Viral videos, also called viral marketing ads, are videos that become prominent with their spreading from one to another like a disease, catch on, do not give the audience the impression of watching advertisements while gaining popularity; that is to say, naturally liked and shared without being noticed. It conduces to videos’ reaching people form one to another by especially spreading on social media. Just like the spread of a virus, viral videos also spread rapidly. The main reason for it’s reaching everyone is the fact that it is appreciated and awakens the desire to share. It’s design is recommended to be in a style that will be appreciated and make people want to share. 

Viral ads don’t have a standard advertisement appearance and they are designed to be away from  this appearance. This makes their audience feel like they are not watching an advertisement. Thus, the desire to share will be awakened and a sense of appreciation will be stimulated with a beautiful design.

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