What is Digital Marketing? 1

The marketing process is the process of bringing together a product or service with its target audience. The target audience is very important in the marketing process. The main purpose of the marketing process is to ensure that the target audience reaches your products and services. Therefore, what your potential customers want is more important than what you do. Marketing strategies around the world are changing rapidly hence traditional methods are rapidly losing their importance.

With the rapid change in time, some pieces have been displaced within the marketing techniques. Recently, one of the most preferred marketing techniques according to statistics is digital marketing. Although it is a gradually growing area, let’s refer to it as still being at the beginning of the road. In our country, this process is progressing a little slower.

Together with large enterprises, medium and small enterprises also believe in the power of digital marketing and have shown an interest in investing in this area. Even individuals make sales from digital media using different marketing options and earn big revenues without even investing capital. Let’s look at digital marketing as a topic with many methods and sub-branches. So what is this “growing child of the world” called digital marketing? let’s take a look at it together;

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